Radiant Panels

The infrared radiant panels are useful in the most diversified locations. In principle, these can be used for replacement or assisting the classical heating systems, for heating the dwelling, the punctual heating of individual work places, for drying of the walls, in massage salons, in saunas, in hotels, in restaurants and terraces, in commercial premises and industrial halls.

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Are You Building a New House or Renovate an Old One?

No matter if you renovate a house or build a new one, the radiant panels can constitute an ecological and economical alternative to the classical heating systems with gas, liquid fuel or wood.

Especially in the case of modernization of the heating system or abandon of the central heating systems, the radiant panels can constitute an efficient and economical alternative. Setting of the temperature can be realized through an individual thermostat for each room, the mounting being as simple as the mounting of a new painting. The radiant panels don’t need maintenance and verifications as it is the the case of the heating boilers with gas or wood.

Are You Still Connected to the Central Heating System?

Heating costs are continuously rising. The subventions for heating are being reduced and you support all energy losses in the long and old installations of the district heating plants. Using the radiant panels for the replacement of the old radiators you have a quick, ecological and efficient solution with a performance of over 90%. For the apartments with allocators it is sufficient to close the valves of the radiators and to supply the radiant panels with infrared.

You Have a Heating Boiler on Gas, Liquid Fuel or Wood and You Don’t Wish to Start it in the Spring-Autumn Period?

The infrared radiant panels are the solution for the cold spring and autumn nights. Start the panel and in very short time you can enjoy the desired comfort.

Don’t wait long hours until the boilers on wood or gas heat up, enjoy immediately the pleasant warmth.

Are you looking for an ecological and efficient alternative to the heating of your dwelling?

The infrared radiant panels are a really ecological and safe alternative to the classical heating boilers.

Would You Like to Get Rid of the Dry Air or the Mould and Dampness?

Thanks to the working principle of the radiant panels, these don’t dry the air and through the heating of the walls in your house they will get rid of mould and dampness.

Would You Like to Heat a Small Workshop, an Industrial Hall or a Warehouse?

If you wish an economical solution to the heating of industrial premises, warehouses or small workshops, the infrared radiant panels can be an optimal solution. These allow you to heat only those spaces, where your employees are operating. In addition, with the help of our mobile systems you can reconfigure and supplement anytime the necessary heat in your production spaces.

Heating of the Punctual Workplaces

The infrared radiant panels are extremely practical in the case of industrial halls and warehouses of great dimensions. Why heat halls of hundreds or thousands of square meters in which the activity is being carried out only in some points? Using the radiant panels you can simply and efficiently heat the individual workplaces.

Spas, Wellness, Therapy

The radiant panels can be used medically – therapeutically on medical advice. These uses are growing in SPA centres and massage salons from Europe, precisely because of alleviating rheumatic and joint pain. The massage and therapy centres offer their clients, with the help of the infrared heating systems – a very pleasant feeling of warm when the radiant panel is mounted on the ceiling above the massage bed. Joint pain, rheumatic pain and the accumulated tensions alleviate or are even removed. Because these systems don’t blow air, the climate in the room is very healthy and will be perceived very pleasantly especially by clients with asthma, allergies or rheumatologic diseases.

Hotels & Guesthouses

Would you like an alternative to the classical heating boilers on gas, liquid fuel or wood? Do there exist in your region no natural gas networks and access to the supply with liquid fuel or liquefied gas is cumbersome? Do you wish not to heat unnecessarily the unoccupied rooms? The infrared radiant panels are a good, efficient and economical solution. A panel started half an hour before of the client’s arrival will offer to this a pleasant sensation of comfort, when he/she enters the room. Panels can be controlled individually and can be integrated in your management system of the building (BMS) so that these can be started and stopped from the reception.

Restaurants & Terraces
Heat efficiently your restaurant or terrace with the radiant panels. These may go unnoticed in the form of paintings fixed on the wall or mounted on the ceiling. If your restaurant has a terrace you offer to your clients the necessary comfort to party until late in the night. In spring and late autumn can be partied on the terrace in a pleasant feeling of warmth.

You Are Looking for an Alternative for the Heating of a Store or a Shopping Centre?

In the cold season, when we go shopping we wear clothes according to the exterior temperatures. You also have certainly had an unpleasant feeling in the moment, when you do the shopping in winter in a store or shopping centre, where it will shortly be too hot. The radiant panels constitute a very good alternative solution, especially in stores and in shopping malls. Why heat great spaces to temperatures of 20-22 degrees when a lower temperature would be perceived as more pleasant by the clients and in the same time, the staff of the shop can enjoy an optimal temperature and working conditions in points, where these are operating, cash registers, customer consulting centres, bank probes and guarantee, etc. Besides of the increased comfort offered to your clients, who will spend more time in the store, you enjoy an ecological and economical heating system.