About us

Dr. Köcher Group

We have been producing and commercializing German heating systems with infrared based panels of high performance in Europe for more than 10 years, for your house and your business.

Our mission is to make that modern technology and comfort are available for people on a large scale, respecting Nature in the same time. We have an active role in informing and educating with regard to green energy especially in contrast with using the non-renewable heating energy sources that becomes not sustainable on long term. Climate phenomena due to excessive use of not renewable resources cannot be overlooked. The transition towards the use of electricity and of intelligent management for space heating makes part of a planet’s vision that we all should take care of, while the thermal comfort should remain the same.

That is why Infrarot develops modern heating solutions: low environmental impact, high energy efficiency, low operating costs.

Infrarot is part of the Dr. Köcher group. Dr. Köcher is a family company founded by Mr. Dr. Johann Köcher in 1987 in Germany.

In 2008 we started the production of Infrared radiant panels together with and for our partner Knebel from Germany. Since 2010 we have been offering these panels on the Romanian market as well.

INFRAROT – We set up the heat. German thermal comfort through intelligent infrared heating solutions for your house and your business