About the Panels

Take the Sun into Your House!

The functioning of the radiant panels is based on the same type of radiation as of the sun, the infrared radiation. The heat is transmitted in two ways, radiation (solar rays) and convection (two different objects with different temperatures being in contact tend to equalize their temperature).

Unlike classical convection heating systems (radiators, convection heaters, etc.) the radiant panels emit infrared waves similar to those emitted by the sun and tiled stoves, producing heat.

The next effect is well known by us all, when we are sitting in the sun we heat up, when we move to the shadow we cool down at the same speed, though the temperature of the air is the same both in the sun and in the shade. The radiant panels function also in the same way. The thermal radiation heats up the objects, that in turn heat up the air by convection. Thus, firstly the objects and the walls of the room heat up, which offers a pleasant comfort feeling immediately after starting the panel.

Even the human body emits infrared radiations in wavelength of 9-11 µm. On these radiations are based the night-vision devices or those that create the thermal image of an object or a person.

Convection versus Radiant Panels

Unlike classical (convection) heating systems, the radiant panels heat uniformly the room.

While the classical systems function on the principle of the air recirculation and the heating of this, the radiant panels does not move the air and heat directly the objects. Thus the uniform heating of the room is attained.

1.) Classic convection heating system

2.) Heating with radiant panels

In the case of the classical heating systems the radiator warms up, which in turn heats the surrounding air, the warm air rises towards the ceiling of the room and in turn heats the objects with which it enters into contact.

The radiant panels heat directly the objects and thus the temperature in the room will remain constant, the floor and the walls won’t be cold anymore and dampness won’t represent a problem. Likewise, because the air is not moved as in the case of the convection heating systems, this doesn’t dry and doesn’t favour the dust circulation and the room will be much more comfortable for persons with allergy, asthma and other respiratory affections.

High Heating Comfort with Low Energy Consumption!

Due to the above exemplified working principle the same heating comfort with lower energy consumption is attained.

The air keeps the normal humidity without the need for additional humidification.

The infrared panel doesn’t raise dust in the room and it is recommended for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

The heat can be felt after a few minutes. The system only needs a few minutes to reach its maximal performance. The process is similar to exposure to sunlight.

Easy Control of the Temperature in the Room

The infrared panel can be set as to maintain a certain temperature in the room, regardless of the outer temperature variations. The temperature can be modified by means of the accessories (thermostat, time programmer). For this separately purchased accessories are needed.

Furthermore, you can set various temperatures for various times of the day. For example you can choose a lower temperature in the bedroom during the day, which then can raise up to a temperature, that assures your comfort, when you come home from a long day.

It fights and stops mould formation. Because it heats the bodies before heating up the air the infrared panel dries the walls and stops condensation which occurs usually.

Without maintenance, without ISCIR licenses, without problems. It is a very simple alternative heating system which has no moving elements, pipelines, fluids or components working at high temperatures. For this reason you don’t need to carry out expensive repairs. What you must do is to dust it or to unplug it in summer.

Efficiency and Costs
Heating Comfort and Reduced Energy Consumption

The sensation of good, of warmth appears at a lower temperature of the air, which means that less energy can be consumed in order to obtain the same heating comfort. Therefore, the infrared panel represents the cheapest alternative heating solution.

Efficiency through Intelligent Heating

The infrared panels have a performance of over 90%, due to the fact that they heat only the room they have been provided for. The classical systems register considerable heat losses generating additional costs. A part of the heat produced gets lost on the long pipelines and in the connecting walls. In the case of heating boilers a part of the energy is lost through the vent stack and through the heating of the room in which it is installed.

In the case of very large spaces the infrared panels can also be placed so that they direct the heat towards those zones, where people are operating (in case of storehouses, churches, large buildings or factories).

They only Heat when It Is Needed

Having the possibility of programming the temperature in each room for each time of the day, the infrared panels maximize the efficiency of the energy consumption. For this separately purchased accessories are needed.

Real Efficiency

In order to obtain a complete comparative analysis there has been made a study in Germany at the Technical University from Kiserslautern (Technische Universität Kaiserslauten) on an old house without thermal isolation. The results of the study translated into English language can be downloaded here the original study can be downloaded here.